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The story of Amore

Inspired by Naples native Chef Pasquale Sorrentino and his team, Amore brings an authentic taste of Italy to the heart of Rochester. Our menu features traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, fresh pasta dishes, and Mediterranean-inspired entrées with a focus on seafood, simple preparations, and organic seasonal produce.

Cuisine crafted with passion

Pasquale Sorrentino

Chef de Cuisine

Chef Pasquale Sorrentino learned to cook in his hometown of Torre del Greco, Naples, on Italy’s Amalfi coast. After high school, he moved to Tuscany to turn his passion for cooking into a career. For the next ten years, he worked in kitchens around the area and in Barcelona, eventually meeting his Webster, New York-born wife in Florence.

In 2003, he brought his talents to Rochester where he’s headed up the kitchen at several acclaimed restaurants. Since then, his recipes, attention to detail, and commitment to using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients have earned him a loyal following.

Sorrentino came to Amore in 2015 and has led the way ever since. “Working at a restaurant with a grocery store attached is a chef’s dream,” says Sorrentino. “There is never a shortage of new products and ingredients to use if I want to try a new recipe.”

Pasquale Sorrentino

Felix Mateo

Restaurant Manager

“Food has always played a huge impact on my life” says Felix. “Growing up I wanted to become a chef. Seeing how food brings so many people together is such a beautiful thing. I remember from a young age cooking traditional Caribbean dishes with my mother and grandmother. I enjoyed spending time with them and learning recipes that I can pass down to future generations. Working in hospitality has allowed me to combine both my passion for food and people. My goal when guests join us at Amore is to experience the amazing food that we offer. I want everyone to feel like family when they walk through the door. My favorite part about Amore is that it provides a beautiful atmosphere and safe space for everyone to come in and enjoy.”

Mauricio Valdivia

Specialty Restaurants Operations Manager

From a young age, Mauricio has had a passion for food. Growing up in South America, his family ran a restaurant out of his childhood home. “I remember grinding llajwa with a mortar and pestle as a kid,” he reminisces. As an adult, Mauricio gained expertise in the hospitality industry working at “Five Diamond” and world-famous resorts in Florida. He then came to Rochester, NY to work at Next Door by Wegmans, bringing with him a fresh palate and an extensive knowledge of global flavors. Mauricio now leads the way at Amore, offering guests a truly memorable experience.

Mauricio Valdivia

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